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Nationally Awarded. Pro Millennial.



We promote millennial advancement in the Public, Private, and non-profit sectors



We accomplish our vision through an advisory board, an executive council and 6 standing committees that represent the most important aspects of a millennial’s life. The board, council and 6 committees (Health & Fitness, Networking, Business, Community Service, Politics, and Women’s Committees) reflect our generation’s diversity and are built upon a solid foundation of leadership, empowerment, opportunities, innovation, community engagement and a desire to forge a better future.


Our Story

Houston Millennials was created in 2015 to give a voice and expedite millennials into positions of power in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. 

During those times, millennials were getting a really bad rep in the main stream media, calling us lazy and entitled at every turn, though we were handed a very different set of cards. However, what we lack in experience, we make up in drive and ideas. Hence we created a group whereas any young professional could join a circle of very highly motivated young professionals and work as a team to make an actual impact.

Fast forward to 2022, Millennials now have the largest purchasing power and largest voting block the world has ever seen. And we plan to further expand our economic and social opportunities into every industry through shear work ethic, network, and strategic  


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HM Leadership


Ivan Sanchez

Houston Millennials 


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Legacy Blue

Membership Director

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Priscilla True

Political Committee Chair


Laura Hidalgo

Houston Millennials

Chief of Staff


Blanca Allen

Communications Director


Nathan Lombardi

Business Committee Chairman


Jorge Antonio

Direcot of Finance


Daniel Saldana

Committee LIaison Director


Jeny Castillo

Operations Director


Arrissa Hill

Executive Secretary & Parlimentarian


Standing Committees:

There shall be Six (6) Standing Committee within the organization that good standing "Active Members" can join: Women’s Committee, Politics Committee, Networking Committee, Business Committee, Community Service Committee, and Fitness Committee.

Community Service

Community Service Committee

Chair: Ronald Castro


Networking Committee

Chair: Vacant

Business Conference

Business Committee

Chair: Nathan Lombardi

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Women's Committee

Chair: Andrea Daniella


Politics Committee

Chair: Priscilla True

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Health & Fitness Committee

Chair: Vacant